New Event For South Sound Entrepreneurs

We are excited to announce a new event, ‘The Startup Education Track’ hosted by SurgeTacoma in Tacoma, WA.   The Startup Education Track is a series of 14 free meetups designed to help entrepreneurs learn the basics of what it takes to successfully operate a startup company and to raise investor funding.  Each Meet Up presentation will last for roughly 45 minutes, with ample time for Q&A.  The intention is for each course to be taught by an experienced entrepreneur, investor or service provider who has deep experience working in the startup arena.   The first meetup is ‘What is an Entrepreneur?’­ featuring Diane Najm, CEO of Photopad.  It will take place on Tuesday, May 31, 2016 from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM at SurgeTacoma, 2367 Tacoma Avenue South in Tacoma, Washington.

By definition, we are all entrepreneurs. But what exactly does it mean to be an entrepreneur? Do entrepreneurs take risks? What are the characteristics of an entrepreneur? Join us for this informative event May 31st at SURGE Tacoma!

'What is an Entrepreneur?'­ featuring Diane Najm, CEO of Photopad

‘What is an Entrepreneur?’­ featuring Diane Najm, CEO of Photopad

Diane Najm  CEO  & Founder of PhotoPad for Business. A leader and passionate about the start-up community, Serves as Former Director, Seattle Founder Institute, Mentor, Coach and organizer to Start up Weekend, Expert Panelist and speaker on Entrepreneurship, Invited to the White House Digital Tech summit and served on Delegation for Vancouver First Startup Week and panelist for Bridging the Gap between Seattle and Vancouver, as well as, seeks ways to help entrepreneurs connect with one another and provides resources to assure success. Thought leader and advocate for Women Entrepreneurs and empower them to pursue their startups serving as advisers to start-ups, Board of Directors to Women In Wireless and Women in Tech. Passionate to give back to the community in the philanthropy sector, serving on the Board of Trustee for a non-profit Olive Crest. 2015 Women in Business Award, 2012 Mom of the Year Business Award and 2012 Ambassador to the Children Community Award.

Mark your Calendars and sign up for this must see event on meetup, you can find the link here:

7 New Offices Ready For Business

We are very excited to announce that our last phase of remodeling is complete and we have 7 new offices ready to go!  If you know some one who is in need of a great place to work please help spread the word.  One is already occupied but we have 6 available, 5 rent for $399 and one for $425.  All of them come with 24/7 access and all of the great SURGEtacoma membership benefits!

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Today is Autumnal Equinox

There has been a bit of chill in the air and after a bit on online research I found out that today officially marks the last day of summer and is the Autumnal Equinox, any excuse for a party!  Luckily the weather outside is anything but frightful today, so I don’t actually feel like I am saying good bye to summer.


AUTUMNAL EQUINOX The Autumnal Equinox is observed annually when the sun can be seen directly overhead along the equator, marking the end of summer and beginning of fall in the Northern Hemisphere. The autumn equinox is one of two days when all points on Earth except the polar regions see the sun rise and set at due east and due west. With few exceptions, all latitudes see almost exactly 12 hours of daylight and 12 of dark.

Source: AUTUMNAL EQUINOX – Changes Annually | National Day Calendar